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Over 30 years of experience in providing personalised  Counselling and coaching services."
With over 30 years of experience in the statutory and private sectors, Mind in Balance has become a cornerstone in providing compassionate and effective counselling, coaching, and mentoring services. Our journey, initiated in 2013, is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals in the Health and Social Care sector.

Our dedicated team, led by seasoned professionals, specialise  in addressing a wide array of issues, including stress, workplace conflict, anxiety, mild depression, and addictive behaviour. We are passionate about helping our clients develop their authentic selves, empowering them to make informed decisions about their well-being, and guiding them to take charge of their lives.
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Our Services
Counselling, therapeutic coaching, Workshops, and More
At Mind in Balance, we blend Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring to create bespoke packages, ensuring personal and professional development for a more fulfilling life. Our unique practice embraces both Eurocentric and Afrocentric techniques, acknowledging that individual issues arise from experiences stored in the mind, body, and soul.
Meet   Our Team
Professional Counselling

Empowering Individuals with Personalised Care Our professional counselling services are designed to address a wide range of issues, including addiction and mental health challenges. We offer a safe, confidential space where individuals can explore their thoughts and feelings, gain insights, and develop coping strategies. Our experienced counsellors are skilled in various therapeutic techniques, ensuring personalised care for every client.


Guiding Towards Success and Fulfilment Mentoring services at Mind in Balance offer guidance and support for individuals seeking to navigate their career paths or personal life journeys. Our mentors provide wisdom, encouragement, and practical advice, helping mentees to unlock their potential and achieve their aspirations.

Life Coaching

Navigating Life Transitions with Clarity and Confidence Our life coaching services are focused on helping individuals navigate life transitions and challenges with clarity and confidence. Whether it's career advancement, relationship dynamics, or personal fulfillment, our life coaches provide the tools and support needed to make meaningful and lasting changes.


Skill Development for Empowerment Our interactive workshops is designed to engage and educate. Covering topics such as stress management, effective communication, and emotional intelligence, these workshops provide valuable skills and insights for both personal and professional development. We tailor our workshops to meet the specific needs of organizations and groups, ensuring a relevant and impactful experience.

A Symphony of Expertise and Compassion
At Mind in Balance, we take pride in our team of experienced counselors and coaches, each bringing a unique set of skills, credentials, and personal philosophies to our practice. Our team's diversity in expertise and approach ensures that we can meet a wide range of client needs with sensitivity and depth.
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Nevia Johnson


Nevia Johnson

Nevia Johnson brings a rich tapestry of multicultural insights to her Counselling practice. With her extensive background in integrative Counselling, Nevia specialise in creating a therapeutic space that is both inclusive and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds. Her focus on multicultural approaches to therapy makes her an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.


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Annie-Mae Shaw


Annie-Mae Shaw

Annie-Mae Shaw stands as a pillar of strength and empathy at Mind in Balance. As an Integrative Counsellor and Therapeutic Coach, her specialization in family dynamics, mental health, working with creatives, and self-development has brought transformative changes in the lives of countless individuals. Her approach combines the wisdom of various therapeutic modalities to offer holistic and personalized care.


Client Success Stories
Real Feedback, Real Impact

What Clients Say

"Mind in Balance has been instrumental in my journey towards healing and self-acceptance. The counselling sessions have given me a new perspective and tools tomanage my anxiety."
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Our Collective Commitment
Our team is unified in its commitment to offering the highest quality of counselling and coaching. Whether it's navigating complex family dynamics, addressing mental health concerns, or guiding personal growth journeys, our counselors and coaches are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and empathy to support each client's unique path to well-being.
Join Us for a Journey of Healing and Growth
Meet our team and experience the Mind in Balance difference. Each session with our skilled counselors and coaches is a step towards a more balanced, fulfilled life. Reach out to us to find the guidance and support you need on your journey to wellness.

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