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Nevia Johnson
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Multicultural Counselling Expert
Nevia Johnson brings a rich tapestry of multicultural insights to her Counselling practice. With her extensive background in integrative counselling, Nevia specialise in creating a therapeutic space that is both inclusive and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds. Her focus on multicultural approaches to therapy makes her an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.
Our Collective Commitment
Our Collective Commitment Our team is unified in its commitment to offering the highest quality of Counselling and and coaching. Whether it's navigating complex family dynamics, addressing mental health concerns, or guiding personal growth journeys, our counsellors and coaches are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and empathy to support each client's uniquepath to well-being.
Join Us for a Journey of Healing and Growth
Meet our team and experience the Mind in Balance difference. Each session with our skilled counselors and coaches is a step towards a more balanced, fulfilled life. Reach out to us to find the guidance and support you need on your journey to wellness.‍In this rewrite, specific qualifications and areas of expertise of the team members are highlighted to showcase the depth of their experience and the breadth of services offered. 

Position: Integrative Counsellor and Coach

Specialization: Multicultural Counselling, Personal Growth, Holistic Wellness
About Nevia Johnson:
Nevia Johnson, an integrative counselor with a rich and diverse background, brings a unique and empathetic approach to Counselling. Her journey is deeply rooted in her. Afro-Caribbean heritage, equipping her with a profound understanding of the complexities faced by individuals from various cultural backgrounds.
Experience and Expertise:
• Diverse Clientele: Extensive experience working with individuals from varied ethnicities, social classes, sexual orientations, and ages.

• Holistic Approaches: Combines Afro-centric and Euro-centric methodologies to offer tailored support for each client’s unique needs.

• Broad Spectrum of Issues: Skilled in addressing challenges such as mental health concerns, relationship issues, and personal development.
Personal Philosophy:
Nevia believes in the power of individual uniqueness and the importance of bespoke counselling approaches. She is committed to helping each client find their path to healing and growth. Her empathetic, open-minded, and warm-hearted nature creates a safe and nurturing environment for clients.
Core Values:
• Open-mindedness
• Empathy
• Non-judgmental support
• Honesty
• Personal empowerment
Credentials and Professional Background:
•Trained in Integrative Counselling
• Extensive experience in both private and voluntary sectors
Personal Interests:
Nevia's interests extend beyond Counselling, including a passion for community engagement and fostering understanding across cultures. Her personal mantra, inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, emphasizes the interconnectedness of all people and the importance of community in the healing process.
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