Meet the team

Annie-Mae Shaw

I have studied as an Integrative Counsellor and Therapeutic Coach;

I have a genuine belief in people, their ability to work through life challenges and capability of achieving their desired outcomes, irrespective of what external behaviours they have learnt. This generates my energy and commitment to support life improvements and change as desired by an individual/collective.

I have 20 years plus experience of working and engaging with Families and individuals whose life has been impacted upon by Mental Ill Health, Anxieties, Depression, Addiction, Abuse, Relationship issues and self development.

I am a professional and self-motivated individual with extensive experience of working in the Voluntary sector and Private Sector; I possess a track record of providing Coaching and Mentoring to those in middle and senior management.

As a person and Therapist I am open, straightforward, fun, engaging, warm and energetic. My core values consist of having integrity, being honest, having humour in my life, maintaining the ability to empower myself and others, being able to trust, being creative, having the ability to love and be loved, being free spirited and to stay tuned with my spirituality.


My life experiences, values and beliefs have carved the person I am today and continue to support the growth of who I strive to be; “I am because of who we all are” – Ubuntu – African philosophy

Ubuntu (Zulu phrase)

‘The belief in a Universal bond of sharing that connects all Humanity; enable their journey of healing and being whole as an individual and part of a community’

Nevia Johnson

My experiences and the desire for change; provides my ability and drive to engage and build confidence with those around me and have been a major contributor to becoming a counsellor.


I am a woman from afro Caribbean descent. I am aware and have encountered many of the struggles that the Black race have experienced throughout history and are still experiencing. As a Black woman I have equipped myself with tools and theories to balance my passion and drive, so that I can create ways of working bespokely to individual needs.

Over the years I have worked with individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, Social class, Sexuality and Age with several different presenting issues. I am an integrative counsellor who  works from both afro-centric and Euro-centric approaches. I believe that no individual is the same. Therefore, I obtain and continue to acquire various knowledge and skills to assist in my client work. 

As an individual I am open minded, caring, non judgemental, empathetic, fun, honest, polite and warm hearted. I have a genuine interest in people. I believe that given the right information, environment and support; we all have the ability to grow and develop.